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Music For Trees

A musical journey described by twenty four compositions representing twenty-four trees from around the world at each hour of the day
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  • The Magnolia at Midnight (Played by the Garrett List Ensemble)


  • The Linden Tree at 3 o’clock in the Afternoon (played by The Belgian National Orchestra)



A musical journey described by twenty four compositions representing twenty four trees from around the world at each hour of the day. It’s a concert not only for parks and gardens but also for the concert halls and theaters. For symphony orchestra (with mens chorus), chamber orchestra and a small ensemble of variable instrumentation. Duration more than 4 hours. The pieces can be played in any order and in any combination of the ensembles.


Three groups of musicians for twenty-four compositions, this means :

A : symphony orchestra (Brahms Orchestra – the woodwinds by two )

A’ : symphony orchestra with a men’s choir

B : chamber orchestra (about 25 musicians) with a change of woodwind for number

C : small ensemble (string quartet ; clarinet, saxo, trumpet, trombone and piano, electric bass, two percussion) which is divided according to the piece

This distribution isn’t complete, it doesn’t take into account all the changes of instruments for each composition played by the chamber orchestra and the small ensemble.

For example : Monterrey Pine includes percussion where The Eucalyptus doesn’t.

Twenty-four compositions representing twenty-four trees from the five continents

-  Sequoia : 6h00 : symphony orchestra

-  Cedar of Lebanon : 7h00: small ensemble

-  Oak Tree : 8h00 : small ensemble

-  Baobab : 9h00 : small ensemble

-  Chestnut : 10h00 : small ensemble

-  Monterrey Pine : 11h00 : chamber orchestra

-  Cactus : 12h00 : symphony orchestra

-  Bamboo : 13h00 : small ensemble

-  Olive Tree : 14h00 : symphony orchestra

-  Linden Tree : 15h00 : symphony orchestra

-  Beech : 16h00 : small ensemble

-  Black Walnut Tree : 17h00 : chamber orchestra

-  Hickory Tree : 18h00 : chamber orchestra

-  Poplar : 19h00 : small ensemble

-  Eucalyptus : 20h00 : chamber orchestra

-  Willow : 21h00 : chamber orchestra

-  Cypress : 22h000 : small ensemble

-  Apple Tree : 23h00 : chamber orchestra

-  Magnolia : 24h00 : chamber orchestra

-  Japanese Cherry Tree : 01h00 : small ensemble

-  Birch : 02h00 : chamber orchestra

-  Palm Tree : 03h00 : small ensemble

-  Fig Tree : 04h00 : symphony orchestra with choir

-  Maple : 05h00 : symphony orchestra with choir